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Neasa Villa Kitty Fundraiser Brooch Presale. Expected Dispatch no later than 14th July


We are teaming up with Brenna from Gingersaur, to create a Kitty Brooch.
This is no ordinary brooch, however, it is being created to help raise funds for a good cause!
Villa Kitty in Ubud is the only cat foundation in all of Bali. Generally speaking, Bali isn't the friendliest island for Cats and there are little to no laws in place to protect them (or any other animal).
The wonderful people at Villa Kitty, however, are working super hard to save as many injured and homeless kitties as they can. Many of these kitties are only tiny babies.
Villa Kitty has been over capacity since Mount Agung started to erupt in September last year and the team are overworked, often doubling up on shifts. Sunset Villa supports their their work but they are not a charity and whilst they give a good discount, unfortunately, Villa Kitty bills has been mounting with the number of cats arriving from all over Bali. They are about $4300 in debt in fact.
We would love to try and pay this debt for them! Neither Gingersaur nor The Odd and the Sparkly will be making any money from this endeavour. 100% of the proceeds will be sent to Villa Kitty!
And massive thanks to Vector Etch for assisting with the supplies
Villa Kitty facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/villakitty/
PLEASE NOTE: This page may be confronting and heartbreaking
Presale is up while supplies are arriving / assembly happens